Rolex Explorer in 36 or 42mm?


After all these years, even though I have read countless watches, Rolex is still my heart’s eternal obsession: you never fall in love at the first glance, it doesn’t have a caseback to reveal the movement for you to show off, and when you repeatedly examine it, it is so plain and solid that you turn around and miss it, and still think about it for a long time, and always want to go back to it.

A discontinued early Rolex Explorer II 16570 with white dial.
Whenever I mention this red hand 16570 white face Explorer II to someone, there is always doubt about its existence. Because the orange hand is so impressive and because the field of Rolex collecting is so vast, with decades of evolution and revisions, it could take a lifetime to really dig into it.
A few different generations of Explorer II evolutionary models (image via the internet from
When it comes to the original Rolex Explorer model, it goes back to 1953. The name Explorer also refers to the fact that a number of explorers and their teams wore Rolex watches at the beginning of the last century, such as the members of the first expedition to fly over Mount Everest in 1953, who all wore Rolex Oyster watches.

Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay both wore Rolex Oyster watches when they climbed Everest in 1953.
The Explorer was born out of a particular affinity with Everest: in 1953, Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay made the first successful ascent to the summit of Everest, both wearing Rolex Oyster watches, which led to the launch of the Oyster watch with the word “Explorer” on the dial, thus giving birth to the Explorer collection.

The Explorer, launched by Rolex in 1953, has a simple design from the past to the present.

A return to the classics with the Explorer 36mm

The Explorer is probably the most “unpretentious” of all Rolex’s professional sports models. It is as simple as it has ever been: 36mm in size, with large numerals 3, 6 and 9 and a Mercedes hand, and an inverted triangle at 12 o’clock, but it is hard to imagine the countless minor details that have been changed since its introduction in 1953 to fascinate “tricky” collectors and admirers.
The Explorer’s original, antique look is unique among Rolex’s many illustrious professional sports watch models.
Before officially launching the Explorer, Rolex is said to have made test prototypes of the watch for both mountaineering explorers Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay to wear on their ascents, and to have adapted the strength and performance of the watch to the extreme temperatures they faced, in order to be more In order to live up to its name, Rolex used nature as a laboratory, just as it had done with the Submariner, and put its well-made watches through these extreme environmental challenges,replica watches constantly advancing and modifying their performance. The Explorer is finally being worn by explorers, proving the solidity and reliability of Rolex watches.
In 2021, the Rolex Explorer is available in yellow gold combined with Oyster steel.
The Explorer is arguably the simplest yet strongest of all Rolex sports watches, with its dark lacquered dial and ever-evolving luminous technology, Rolex has enhanced the practicality of the Explorer in its finer details, although in the almost 70 years of its evolution, the Explorer’s design has barely changed, making it a little “boring” for many people who started out with a superficial attitude, but sometimes it seems that the more reliable a person is, the more boring they are.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer 124273, 36 mm diameter, yellow gold steel case, self-winding bidirectional calibre 3230, 4 Hz, 70-hour power reserve, stop-second function, water resistant to 100 metres, chronometer chronometer certification, five-year worldwide guarantee, Oyster three-compartment bracelet with folding Oyster safety clasp, with 5 mm easy-adjust link extension system, reference price 84,500 RMB.
Collectors of explorer-type vintage watches play with the arrangement of the lettering on the dial corresponding to the year of production, the most crucial of which all lies in the changes in the luminous material used and the change in the lettering on the dial: some are Swiss, some are Swiss Made; some even appear in the period of the luminous material of tritium, such as Swiss T?25. Of course, all of this stopped with the use of LumiNova, and the Explorer has since become a definitive model.

Unlike the Oyster steel model, which has white gold-clad hour markers and hands, the Explorer 124273 in yellow gold steel has yellow gold-clad hour markers and hands.
The new yellow gold steel Explorer uses Rolex’s patented Chromalight luminous material, which emits a long-lasting blue luminescence in the dark. The Explorer in yellow gold steel is also one of the most unique in this consistently designed collection: while retaining all the classic elements of the Explorer, including the original 36 mm medium size, the Explorer in yellow gold steel has yellow gold-rimmed hour markers and hands, unlike the Oyster steel, which has white gold-rimmed hour markers and hands.
The gold-rimmed hour-markers and hands are filled with Chromalight blue long-lasting luminous paint.
If the Explorer was created for the explorers who went to the mountains and the seas, and flew to the skies,replica audemars piguet watches then the Explorer in yellow gold steel is a watch for the heroes of adventure to celebrate their return.
The gold-tone steel Explorer has a Rolex folding Oyster clasp with an easy-to-adjust length mechanism.
The new Gold Steel Explorer is fitted with Rolex’s new generation movement, the calibre 3230, which has an accuracy of plus or minus two seconds per day, the highest standard in the industry. Strangely enough, when I first saw the new Explorer in yellow gold steel, I was dissatisfied with it, I thought it was too “simple”, not as eye-catching as the new Explorer II, and I even disliked the weight. I don’t know if all Rolex fans are the same as me, but once I think about it, I can’t help but want to get into it. I think most of Rolex’s charm comes from the constant refinement of details and craftsmanship over the years, even if it looks simple, it is so close to perfection that you can’t ignore the refinement that is visible to the naked eye.
For the first time, the Explorer is available in yellow gold steel, but in a size that is only 36mm, it is particularly impressive.
The Explorer II 42mm is an upgrade

While the Rolex Explorer was launched in 1953, the Explorer II was only created in 1971, a youngster compared to Rolex’s other prestigious professional models. It was during this era that many of the iconic designs of the brand’s sports collections were created. In contrast, Rolex, a superlative brand already known for its steel watches, was so “unpretentious” as to introduce a design like the Explorer II at this time.
In 1989 Rolex launched the Explorer II, the most significant difference from the 1984 model being the change in the hour and minute hands from white to black with luminous hands.
The 1971 Explorer II, number 1655, had a black dial and a 24-hour bezel with black hour-markers, which could be combined with a triangular hand on the dial for a second time display. In 1984, Rolex revamped the Explorer II and introduced a 39mm model with both black and white dials, the white dial with red hands 16570 being the model I remember most. The triangular hands of the Explorer II are now orange, a design that is also most impressive as it is one of the few Rolex models to have the name of the collection written in orange on the dial.
The orange triangular hands of the Explorer II and the words Explorer II are well known.
The Explorer collection was originally intended as a tribute to explorers and, of course, to the Rolex watchmaking spirit of performance. The Explorer II, which is now 50 years old since 1971, has evolved in terms of its bezel, diameter, dial material, dial design details and so on.
Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer II 226570, 42 mm diameter, Oyster steel case, 3285 bidirectional self-winding movement, 4 Hz, 70-hour power reserve, dual time, instantaneous calendar display, stop-second function, water resistant to 100 metres, chronometer chronometer certification, five-year worldwide guarantee, Oyster three-compartment bracelet with folding Oyster safety clasp, with 5 mm easy-adjust link extension system, reference price 66,400 RMB (model photo @ Cong How Ri).
From the original 1655 first generation, the 16550 with red hands and black/white face, to the 16570 with red hands and black/white face with a new movement, there are many details to explore in the case, dial and especially the dial paint and luminous material, as well as the dial lettering, the Explorer II has a lot of details to explore, but by the time the 216570 with orange hands and black/white face was released in 2011 it almost set the Explorer II in stone. In the new 2021 model, the 226570 black/white version retains its larger diameter size of 42 mm, but with some very minor refinements.
The Explorer II 226570 white plate has a more intense contrast between black and white
In particular, the white dial, nicknamed the “Polar”, has been given a white gold hand with a matte black finish to outline the non-reflective nature of the hands, in addition to the black contrast between the white dial and the luminescent hour markers. I don’t know if it’s just me, but the Chromalight seems to be more saturated white in daylight than the usual luminous luminosity.
The perfectly brushed matte polish of the case remains the same in the new Explorer II.
The best inside my heart: the 16570 White Face Red Needle Explorer II of that period (1984-2011) underwent a change in luminous coating, and in 1998 Rolex introduced the LumiNova luminous coating, which completely replaced the tritium luminous substance, with a corresponding lettering change corresponding to it on the dial. Also because of the change in luminous coating and dial coating technology, the white face of the old Explorer II often had a yellowish discolouration, although this was a favourite phase change model for collectors to clamour for, but while Rolex has not drastically changed its models, it has refined these details technically so that with these new technologies, the discolouration and phase change of new watches is almost non-existent, I wonder if this is becoming more “boring” for collectors I wonder if this makes it more “boring” or more interesting for collectors?
Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer II 226570, 42 mm diameter, Oyster steel case, 3285 bidirectional self-winding movement, 4 Hz, 70-hour power reserve, dual time, instantaneous calendar, stop-second function, water resistant to 100 metres, chronometer chronometer certification, worldwide five-year guarantee, Oyster three-compartment bracelet with folding Oyster safety clasp, 5 mm easy-adjust link extension system, reference price 66,400 RMB.
The lines of the new Explorer II remain virtually unchanged on the case, with only a slight modification to the inner edge of the lugs, so subtle that it is barely noticeable without comparing the previous generation of the Explorer II together. The width of the strap is slightly wider by 1 mm, the other thing is the brushed matte finish, the angle of the plane of the bezel outwards seems to have changed a little for the new generation Explorer II, and overall the model is more harmonious, the dial is more contrasting, and I don’t know if it’s an illusion, but how can I start to be convinced by myself that the new generation Explorer II really does look better?
The new Explorer II 226570 is equipped with the new 3285 self-winding movement with a folding Oyster safety clasp and a buckle fitted with easy-to-adjust links developed by Rolex.
Another extremely important change for the new Explorer II is the replacement of the 3285 movement, which has now been replaced by Rolex’s revised professional sports watches. Its superior 4 Hz, 70-hour power reserve, combined with the highest standard of precision: plus or minus 2 seconds per day, will probably be the biggest attraction for new watch enthusiasts. The new Explorer II with its black dial is less visible, but I don’t know why, but I’m starting to like it more and more, even though I only had “polar white” with red hands in mind. Or the white?

The 42mm Explorer II with the new movement is a real treat

I don’t know if I’m too used to the large diameter or if it’s just my nature, but I was hesitant about the Explorer 36mm, but the emergence of yellow gold steel has renewed my interest; instead, the Explorer II 42mm, which used to be too big, is now starting to look just right. The Explorer in yellow gold steel, apart from the new movement, the luminous, the new clasp and the new materials, is not really a huge change in essence or design, but it is like a brand new model. So you say, regarding Rolex, isn’t it a question of not buying or not buying, but a tussle of which one to choose?

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” What exactly is a Rolex Oyster Professional watch? Most Rolex watches produced today use the brand’s Oyster case, reflecting the years of development that began with the original Rolex Oyster in 1926. At that time, Rolex pioneered the first cases with screw-down crowns, bezels and casebacks that were water and dust-protective, although the Professional Collection wasn’t created until 1953.1 (1)

Today, the idea of the Rolex Oyster Professional is to perpetuate a model of timepiece originally intended for professional use. These include watches for people involved in diving, flying, automotive and sporting competitions, scientific and industrial work, and general planetary exploration activities. Rolex Oyster Professional watches are inherently designed to be more durable, more practical, and in many cases have additional production or testing steps added to their production process before they leave cheap copy rolex watches   to be sold to consumers. In short, today’s Rolex Oyster Professional watches are based on historic models made for actual professional use and offer some additional security and reliability over Rolex’s more casual or wearable models.

1 (2)

Rolex’s two basic Oyster Professional watches were created in 1953; they were the Explorer and the Submariner. 1953 was also the moment replica rolex watches received one of its most important social achievements, an achievement that marked the way the brand has been perceived ever since. Sir Edmund Hillary and Sir Tenzing Norgay were part of a British expedition to climb Mount Everest and succeeded in becoming the first people in the world to do so. It was an amazing feat of human endurance, and now viewers recall the fact that Hilary (and Norgay) wore a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Chronograph. The model would quickly evolve into the now iconic Rolex Explorer and was released that year. The message to the public was that the Explorer was a timepiece in which people did everything they could to get where they wanted to go, a parable that would transcend scientific exploration and the lives and struggles of ordinary people.

1953 was also the year sophisticated imitation rolex watch released the first Submariner, a watch they described as the world’s first wristwatch to be water-resistant to 100 meters. In many ways, the Submariner was the ultimate evolution of the Rolex Oyster case, further refined to further improve water resistance. Although the term “Oyster Professional” didn’t exist in 1953, the Submariner and Explorer were two timepieces designed for professionals, not the general public. This was the golden age of modern exploration in the world, as the pre-competitive space age was about exploring deeper and deeper heights.

1 (3)

After releasing models for scientific exploration and deep diving, Rolex decided to focus on timepieces for pilots and physicists alike. Aviation professionals have been fortunate to have the attention of watchmakers since the early 20th century when they began flying. Rolex was a relative latecomer, introducing the first aviation-themed watches in 1955, including the original GMT-Master. rolex worked closely with the commercial airline Pan Am (Pan American World Airways) to watch watch watch enthusiasts learn the GMT-Master’s story by heart. Rolex has been unable to formulate a formula for success in many ways. In fact, if you’ve ever wondered why so many Rolex Oyster Professional watches look similar, it’s because Rolex didn’t try to reinvent the wheel with each new timepiece, but instead added other or different features to its predecessor.

As a result, the 1955 GMT-Master was very similar to the Submariner, which itself soon adopted the hands of the Explorer. What set the GMT-Master apart was the 24-hour GMT hand and the 24-hour scale bezel. The GMT-Master was also unique (and later became iconic) because of its two-tone blue and red borders, a sort of AM / PM indicator. It became known as the “Pepsi Flapper” due to its resemblance to the shades of soft drinks. In many ways, it is similar to the Submariner, but with some important but visually subtle variations.

1 (4)

The situation is similar to that of the 1956 Rolex Milgauss, a timepiece produced in collaboration with the CERN laboratory in Switzerland, where physicists wanted a timepiece that wouldn’t affect the shape of the Submariner. The physicists there wanted an anti-magnetic watch that would not affect the magnetic field generated around their particle accelerator. So Rolex made a timepiece for the Milgauss scientists that could resist 1,000 gauss thanks to its soft iron core that shields the movement. For this watch, Rolex wanted some gentlemanly style, but still a professional watch. The Milgauss more or less has the existing Oyster case, but the dial is inspired by the original Rolex Oyster Perpetual and features a lightning second hand.

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The Rolex Yacht-Master is the maker of luxury sports watches, all of which are worn and decorated by athletes and celebrities. There are actually two different models in the collection. The Yacht-Master and the Yacht-Master II. Despite their similar names, these two watches are ultimately very different, each with their own unique characteristics.

The Rolex Yacht-Master II is an ultra-luxury representation of Rolex’s already popular sports watches. On the other hand, the Rolex Yacht-Master II is specifically designed to pause a regatta during a sailing race. Basically, the Yacht Master is the watch you wear on a cruise, while the Yacht II is the watch you wear during a race. Nonetheless, these two Rolex watches are popular in the brand’s lineup, and collectors are looking for beautiful alloys and beautiful designs.

1 (1)

With this in mind, when buying a replica  Rolex Yacht-Master watches, you need to know important information about the model (history, price, features, etc.) before you decide on one. This is the most in-depth way to get all the information you need to make a purchase. Are you ready to make a decision?

The first Yachtmaster wasn’t launched until 1992, but Rolex’s maritime history dates back to 1958, when the Swiss watchmaker partnered with the prestigious New York Yacht Club. By then, Rolex had invented the Rolex Oyster case back in 1926, and was known for making excellent water-resistant watches. Thus, this collaboration was practically the natural next step.

1 (2)

In 1966, Rolex strengthened its relationship with the maritime world when Francis Chichester, one of history’s greatest navigators, wore the Gypsy Moss IV for the first time. A Wrist Around the World. From August 1966 to May 1967, his voyage took him 29,600 miles. But most notably, there are only a few tools to help you navigate, such as charts, hexagons and the Rolex Oyster Perpetual. The Rolex chronograph he used was a reliable and consistent partner, helping to sustain 226 days of sailing in rough sea conditions.

1 (3)

Despite its success in making marine watches, replica rolex watches continues to strive to make such watches. In the 1960s, the brand made a slight change by releasing a prototype dial for the Cosmograph chronograph with the inscription “Yachtmaster”, but the idea was not accepted. Today, only two prototypes of the Daytona Yacht-Master are known. One belonged to Eric Clapton (the model was sold in 2003 for $125,100) and the other to legendary Rolex collector John Goldberg.

In 1992, we were finally introduced to the modern yachtsman we know and love today. Officially known as the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Yacht Master, the brand’s first ultra-luxury sports watch for the high seas. To help collectors understand the luxury of this new watch, the first 40mm model was forged entirely from solid 18k gold, with a corresponding bi-directional rotating gold bezel (60-minute display) and an Oyster Gold. bracelet. Over the next few decades, Rolex expanded its collection through a variety of materials, adding a new face to its luxury marine collection of watches.

1 (4)

Fifteen years after its initial release, Rolex introduced the Yacht-Master II, a regatta chronograph designed for athletes to use in regattas. To specifically target these athletes, Rolex offers a programmable countdown timer (which reliably measures the time spent before the start of a race), flyback and pre-flight functions (for easy synchronization by the race committee). ) and other important functions have been added to the watch. The race must be restarted (ordered). Another big difference is that the Rolex Yacht-Master II is only available in 44mm size and comes with an oyster case and bracelet. However, a variety of alloys can be used.

Due to the wide variety of sizes and materials used in the Rolex Yacht-Master series, prices can often fluctuate dramatically. For example, you can buy old and smaller Rolex Yacht Master models on the second-hand market for as little as $5,000. However, new and larger Yacht-Master models, especially those forged from precious metals, can sell for up to five figures.

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Two weeks before Baselworld 2015, Rolex unveiled a new video titled “Datejust Spirit”. It celebrates the 70th anniversary of the iconic Datejust collection, which was first presented in 1945. … These videos are clever, funny and well-written. “The Latest Watch Prototype …” is significant on so many levels and in so many ways.

1 (1)

One of the most interesting things about the videos is that sophisticated imitation rolex  watch spends very little time talking about the latest line of Rolex Datejust watches. Now, all you need to do is easily understand the Rolex Datejust watch. In a sense, the video is a tribute to the name and history of the Datejust line of products, as well as the most distinctive features such as the date window and the magnifying glass on the date window.

1 (2)

Another theory behind Rolex not spending more time showing off their latest products in the “Datejust Spirit” video is that they plan to release new products in the 2015 Datejust Watch line. … While Rolex Replica is very safe in the news about new products, it’s no secret that there are some secrets about the new products before their debut at Baselworld. Will there be an update to the Datejust or the addition of a new model?

The final major feature of the Rolex Datejust series is the Rolex Datejust II. It takes the existing 36mm width Datejust size that is still available and extends it to the 41mm width (actual rating here) of all Rolex Datejust II models. This was seen as a modern take on how Rolex appealed to the tastes of larger watches. In 2012, Rolex released an all-steel version of the luxury rolex  watch  with a round bezel. previously, models with steel cases and bracelets were also only available with 18k gold fluted bezels. Next, it’s interesting to consider where Rolex is taking the Datejust collection.

1 (3)

While the modern Datejust watches are different from the original 1945 model, they still look very classic. What I’ve always admired about the Rolex Datejust is that it’s not broken down into the major categories of watches, such as sports watches and formal watches. The Oyster case (read here to find out what a Rolex Oyster case really is) makes the Rolex Datejust as durable as a sports watch, but with a more formal look. Also, Rolex owns the Cellini because the Datejust is not as elegant as most watches. Therefore, the Rolex Datejust is not a sports watch, but strictly a watch that means business.
If you’re a fan of the Rolex Datejust watch collection, or are interested in marketing a high-quality watch, watch the Datejust Spirit video. The watch industry will not hesitate to celebrate the “Jubilee” campaign. Let’s see what Rolex has in store (if anything) for the Rolex Datejust watch collection at Baselworld 2015.

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RolexMilgauss has always been a Rolex watch collector, but he doesn’t actually consider himself a “Rolex”. Its design is arguably more eccentric than its counterparts, and it’s one of the few branded products that can be easily selected from a crowd and identified from the right distance.

1 (1)

You can read all about it here, so I skipped the full history lesson, but after a long absence from the catalogue,replica  Rolex Milgauss watches returned to the Rolex collection in 2007, after which the particularly stylish Z-Blue was released in Dial Style 2014. One of the Rolex models.

If you like a watch with a unique personality, Z-Blue Milgauss has a lot to offer. The crisp and cool Electric Blue on the dial is different from other Rolex products. The aim is to brighten the orange minute recorder, second hand and dial text in the right and bright way. Blue and orange are very challenging combinations and can cause problems quickly, but they work well here.

1 (2)
Another deliberate modification to the GV black dial version is that Rolex has chosen to use solid Chromalight luminous material on the dial. All the hour markers and hour and minute hands use a light blue hue, rather than the multiple colors of the black dial. Since the watch itself has many functions, the colorful sparkle is definitely a bit too much.

The two essential details that keep the Milgauss intact are the “lightning” seconds hand and the green sapphire crystal. These two functions can only be found in the Milgauss collection. These two details are purely aesthetic, but appealing in a strange way. The green sapphire crystal is an interesting and strange choice. Unfortunately, it will require your arms and legs to be replaced if the watch is damaged or broken, but unless you hate watches very much, sapphires are very resilient.

1 (3)

So, of course, the roots of the Milgaus remain in its ability to resist magnetism. Despite being listed as being able to withstand a resistance of at least 1,000 gauss, many speculate that the actual specs are much higher. After all, Omega claims that some of its models have 15,000 gauss resistance, and  sophisticated imitation rolex watch can’t afford to lose at any point.

1 (4)

Currently, the Milgauss movement is different from that of the submarine and other models. The –3131 movement has a 48-hour power reserve, chrome hairspring, nickel phosphorus joystick/escapement wheel and a state-of-the-art chronograph. Daily accuracy is + 2 /-. 2 seconds Interestingly, this move is also visible in the current Rolex Air King.

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The Submariner was launched in 1953, but the seeds were sown in 1926. That year, Rolex introduced the first Oyster water-resistant watch (pictured below). In 1927, Mercedes Gleice was best known for wearing the The English Channel Swim Oyster collection continues its life and creates many styles, including Sub. Sub (Submarine) When it was first released it was billed as the world’s first deep-sea dive watch. Any self-respecting sub-manic needs to know where his beloved strain came from, and the tool list DNA is proudly today .

1 (1)

Throughout the 1930s, replica rolex watches supplied Panerai with third-party movements in Oyster cases and the Italian Navy with diving watches. . By the time the Submariner had become a crowd-pleaser, the watch was fully formed. The original Submariner (pictured below) was 37mm wide, had a bidirectional rotating bezel and was water-resistant to 100mm. m.

1 (2)

Submarine personnel are constantly evolving. Earlier versions were not equipped with a “Mercedes” hour hand (now an important design feature) and, in fact, the dials were not equipped with a “Mercedes” hour hand. Without the word “submariner”. Over the years, the series has undergone elaborate modifications, such as waterproofing to 300 m, date shown 1969, 1981. Unidirectional bezel and 2012 ceramic bezel.

In addition to its impressive and reliable authentic performance, the Submariner owes its popularity to James The emergence of early James Bond films, particularly Sean Connery’s (Connery) starring in the film. The last time James Bond wore a sophisticated imitation rolex watch on the big screen was 1989’s Licence to Kill! “.

1 (3)

The last check is the most basic Submariner, which is Ref 114060 with black Cerachrome bezel and dial (bottom), no date display. Cost is S$10,300. (Disclaimer: Contact an authorized Rolex retailer for the most accurate price.) You get an iconic dive watch made of high-grade stainless steel and featuring a chronometer-certified self-winding movement. The self-winding power reserve is accurate to +2 / -2 seconds per day. Even if you don’t consider a true premium replica Rolex Submariner watch, the Submariner is a very special watch at its core.

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The overall texture of the Omega Seamaster 150m white surface is palpable to the naked eye, and the 41.5mm diameter is perfect for different wrists. Fittingly, the sapphire glass crystal is glareproofed with a blue coating, which not only reflects light softly but also allows you to view the dial without any gaps! All the details inside, the classic three hand design, the arrow hands, the vertical stripes of the dial, the visual sophistication, in keeping with the Seamaster collection. The design of the watch is consistent with that of the previous models.

The dial is equipped with triangular hour-markers in rhodium-plated, a window date at 3 o’clock and a bright orange second hand that contrasts with the white dial.

1 (4)

The conical crown of the Omega Seamaster 150M is complemented by a finely crafted handle with a finely polished finish. Made in two techniques, the front base of the handle is frosted with a matching color, the replica Omega watches logo and the sides of the handle are polished, and the handle screws in. The Omega Seamaster 150M has a tapered buckle with a conical shape that feels very nice to the touch, and all in all, the overall workmanship of the Omega Seamaster 150M is maintained at a very high level.

1 (5)

The case is made of refined steel, brushed and polished to a moderate thickness, with sharp edges and corners, and is beautifully finished.

The steel bracelet is meticulously finished, with polished and brushed outer and inner edges. The metal links provide a flexible and comfortable fit. The same material is used for the butterfly clasp on which the classic luxury Omega Seamaster  watch symbols are engraved. It is also fitted with a rubber strap.

1 (6)

The movement is a true one-piece movement, no longer a deck, every screw and jewel of the movement is functional, no longer a decorative piece; the position and size of the balance wheel is identical to the original, blackened screws, balance wheel and barrel, shock absorbers are all available, so that the appearance of the details remain highly consistent with the original; the hour hand is quickened by toggling the hands to adjust the calendar; the movement has a double barrel, the energy reserve can reach the same 60-72 hours, and the two-way winding of the automatic tourbillon is more efficient, so as to avoid insufficient energy to steal stop.

1 (7)

This breakthrough in the development of the movement means that the sophisticated imitation  watch  has been elevated to an unprecedented level of customization.

replica IWC Upgrades The Portugieser Chronograph With New In-House Automatic Chronograph watches

For more than two decades, Portuguese chronographs have been the basis of the elegant movements of the collections of UP. However, for the most part, the universal Portuguese chronograph uses a modified version of the Barjou or Serita movement. The internal movement was previously a limited edition or Portuguese luxury model, but for 2020, the brand has added some significant value to the range in the form of a 69355 movement automatic powerplant. A total of six models of the new Reference 3716 Portugieser Chronograph have been released, including four in stainless steel and two in 18k 5N gold, as well as other upgraded versions of the new movement.

1 (1)

From the outside, sophisticated imitation  watch this new model collection looks almost like a 41mm case with a classic Portuguese look, clean lines and wide lugs. The new case features a unique sapphire glass case that showcases the new 69355 movement and its rugged decoration.

The dial retains a Portuguese feel, with leaf-shaped hands, a spacious and airy dial surface at 12 and 6 o’clock and an icon cut-off number in white, sunburst blue or charcoal grey. will be completed. Outstanding variations include the nautical-inspired iconic white dial with blue hands and numerals, and the dark, dark grey dial with gold hands and numerals.

1 (2)

However, the real heart of these new designs is the manufacture of the Calibre 69355 automatic chronograph movement.  replica iwc  watches  With a speed of 28,800 bph, this new 33 jewel column wheel is based on the Calibre 69000 series architecture used in the Pilot and Ingenieur series and offers impressive finishes from the radial corrugations of the Geneva rims to the bridge flash. The last point is the custom signature skeleton rotor. This new movement also offers a 46-hour power reserve.

1 (3)

All six models of the new Reference 3716 Portuguese Chronograph come with a luxurious alligator leather strap. Colors accentuate the navy blue, black and dark red wood-brown dial styles.

1 (4)
The UP 3716 Portuguese Chronograph Collection is an important step in the line. For many years, the Portuguese chronograph has been one of the finest chronographs in its price range, but so far, the sophisticated yacht collection is not a purely timepiece value proposition. (The old built-in Portuguese chronographs, including those now equipped with the 89361 movement, always cost a lot more than the base model.) The Portuguese chronograph with the 3716 is the ultimate beauty inside and out, an improvement that gives the steel model a suggested retail price of $7,950 and 18-carat gold a suggested retail price of $17,800.

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The brand new luxury high configuration omega watch  series was specially prepared for Agent James Bond (007). The latest replica Omega Seamaster watch Bond Secret Service James Bond celebrates the 50th anniversary of the release of the sixth movie in the James Bond series. Whether you’re a fan of a particular movie, a James Bond fan, or a “just” Seamaster fan, this reference contains some interesting details to know. Discover now.1 (1)


The Omega has been the official James Bond watch since 1995. He has appeared on GoldenEye for 25 years and has released eight feature films. Given that James Bond before 1995 was most often called the Rolex Man, Omega was able to return to the pre-Omega franchise. Maybe luxury omega Watch wants to label them James Bond, which includes all the characters, and let them see in the world that they belong to their territory and have a 25-year track record. He said it was an excessive attempt.

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The quarter century featured not only eight films, but also many special editions of Kaiba, which specialize in collaborating with James Bond. Therefore, to date, Omega has decided on this practice and has an accurate grasp of the number of details derived from 007 that go into the limited edition, which makes the watch look flashy and 007 and 007 themed Omega. Watch fans are not interested.

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Therefore, the Secret Service under the Omega Seamaster Diver 300M 007 James Bond Secret provided six notable details to attract fans to excitement. First, and perhaps most obviously, the dial itself is made of James Bond’s iconic barrel design and spiral-brushed black ceramic laser-engraved ceramic (solid ceramic, not lacquered brass). I am. The center of the spiral is actually exactly 9mm wide, suggesting the size of a regular cartridge used in pistols … but the bond in the movie “Secret Service under Her” is a 0.32 ACP cartridge. Seems to have used Walther at PPK actually means the diameter is a little smaller than 7.65mm. It’s commendable that Walther PPK actually used a 9mm caliber and Bond later used a 9mm caliber cannon. So if you’re a more modern Bond fan, this detail is perfect. Furthermore, it has to be said that the dial is actually aligned with the slightly wider 9 mm center chosen.

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Next, at 12 o’clock, a special index inspired by the Bond Family badge is acquired. All timescales and hands are made of 18 kt gold, suitable for the 50th anniversary, with a green minute hand and Super-LumiNova with matching bezel points. The remaining indicators are displayed in dark blue.

The third feature is the “secret signature” when you look closely at the night. The tenth point (50 minutes) is signed “50”, which is also a homage to the “Queen On” 50th anniversary. Private service. Here are the modes. Black and black barrel mode, minute details marked at 12 o’clock, and a “50” that appears on only one index add to the bond’s unique balance behavior details and daily wear resistance.
Fourth is the special details of the date disc. With this, 007 fans are looking forward to the 7th of every month. The seventh trademark is 007 font. By the way, as a fifth feature, you need to look at the license plate on the left side of the 42 mm wide stainless steel case. Except for “one of the 7’007”, it’s the only limited edition 18 kt yellow gold plate engraved with a limited edition number. Here is nonsense, they are individually numbered. OMEGA once again launched a limited edition double-edged sword. Some customers expect some exclusivity, but don’t overdo it. Otherwise, you will not be able to use it yourself. So yes, there are 7007 limited edition watches, but not many, for sea horses and James Bond fans around the world.
The sixth detail is from the bottom cover. Omega (Omega) does not yet provide this version of the bottom cover image, but it is available in a short product release video. The transparent bottom cover represents the Omega Master Co-Axial caliber 8800 movement. Internal movement certified by Master Chronometer, 55 hour power reserve, internal tested daily speed (0 to +5 seconds). The well-decorated movement of the Bond family of emblems features “Orbis Non Sufficit”. This means the world is not enough. rattle? This should be done.

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Identical to the 007, this 42mm Seamaster is made of durable, lightweight Grade 2 titanium with a brown tropical aluminum bezel and dial.

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Thanks to its sapphire crystal dome, it is slightly thinner than the standard Diver 300M model and comes with a grade 2 titanium mesh bracelet and an innovative adjustable buckle.

The Diver’s 007 version is equipped with Omega’s Coaxial Coaxial Master Timer 8806, which meets the industry’s highest standards for precision, timekeeping performance and, of course, magnetic resistance.

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The watch and the strap must be perfectly matched, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try different combinations. Do you want to mix things up and see what happens? You may notice the unique look.

Coaxial escapement is self-winding. METAS-approved certified main chronograph withstands magnetic fields up to 15,000 gauss. The balance with hairspring swims freely and rotates automatically in both directions. The rhodium-plated rotor and Côtes de Genève bridge are made of vine pattern for a particularly luxurious look.